My Sunday Photo Story


 #MySundayPhoto Story this time is simple and short .

It is the new header photo for ‘Life on My Island’. Since, the blog name change, I have been on a hunt for a photo that defines my blog and I think I have just found one.

This blog is about many things, some say it is good to have a niche but I feel my niche is the little things in life. In many ways I feel lucky that I had my childhood before technology took over. But now that I have the luxury of technological bliss, I choose to share my travels , I capture lifestyles and living , I talk about food and fashion, I blog about anything that connects with my eye and then my soul on here . My writing is sometimes casual, at times very naïve and sometimes even silly, but most importantly my writing is what makes me happy.

And this picture in many ways … depicts happiness of the peace and chaos . This picture depicts that Life is a blank canvas and you can add your colours to it and of course that you need your coffee ! 😉

What is Life to you in one word ? For me its Raw(&)Amazing !

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Hope you enjoy the week ahead and lots more to come.


Trdelníks – an old Bohemian Tradition or not?


Czech flavours are still lingering for me and I had briefly mentioned about these here and promised you a mystery story for this photo! So here it is, the First #MySundayPhoto Story .

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Introducing My Sunday Photo Series


For who knows me even slightly, would know that I am a ‘Photo Pest’. I like capturing every moment in my camera because for me photograph is the story of my life, your life and ours together. But you know what, life is short and if connecting and collecting some memoirs from life’s espirit makes me happy, then let be it!

So, on that note and without much ado, #lifeonmyisland introduces a My Sunday Photo Series because every capture captures a story.

I will post a photo or few every Sunday and would let that vignette, weave the yarn for you.

Hope you like this series and if you have a Sunday Photo which tells a tale drop me a line on and I would love to guest post it .


Keep clicking & creating .

Anushree –the island blogger


 Teachers Day in India 


This post is close to my heart for two reason, one because this is about ‘Teachers Day’ and I have been blessed with some wonderful teachers in my school and university life, and in life in general, one being my mother. The second reason is because I am a wife of a teacher. Yes, S is a Nautical Lecturer and he takes absolute pleasure and pride in what he does. It is that inspired me to write this article.

Friends and folk from India would know that ‘Teachers Day’ celebrated on 5th September every year is an integral part of the Indian education system and a day thoroughly loved not just by the teachers but equally by us, the pupils ! So it becomes a must to give you a short background how it all started?

Teachers Day is a notion of tribute to the contribution of our teachers to the society. 5th September is the birthday of one of the greatest teachers that India has ever had, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a well-known diplomat, scholar, our second President and above all a teacher par excellence. Dr Radhakhrishnan believed that “teachers should be the best minds in the country“.


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Mind your Head – Fun Run


Now where do I start! What a grand turn out, an impressively organised event, what an awesome community spirit from the young and old and such a great cause. The bright gorgeous day was like the cherry on the cake!

Mind your head

Last Sunday, on 23rd August many hundreds of walkers and some athletic runners turned up for the 10th annual Mind Your Head fun run, on one of the best ‘roasting’ days of Summer that Shetland has had. 

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Himalayan Trekker at Nepal Hospital-You Inspire Me


I know, I know I am running behind schedule on the ‘You Inspire Me’ feature , but I am not going to give you any excuses, only an awesome You Inspire Me Story ..

So far, we have known a Self Made Baker, A Solo Traveller who was fired for his love of travels , a very talented Man of 61, a dog lover who gave up her career for providing Shelter  and a Voice Shetland Fame

Now, this one is a bit off track, a bit adventurous, a bit about travelling , creating memories with a bit of humour and very much for a cause! Her name is Alice, 20 something, and studying what seems to her the longest degree at University with 4 years down and 2 to go! 

She is going to take us through her solo journey in Nepal, which is my neighbouring nation but I have never been there myself ! Where she lived with the locals, she travelled, raised funds, trekked the mountains, made friends , went to an Asian wedding and amongst all that fun, she had a good cause ! I will let you tell her all about it now …

nepal, himalaya

Conquering the Himalayas

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Day 5- Kutná Hora in CzechRepublic, The bone church


So far, you have my :

Introduction-7 Day-Travel blogging from #CzechRepublic

Day 1– Travel blogging Day 1 – Day of travels

Day 2-Prague Old Town Square

Day 3-Praha Castle

Day 4– An evening in Prague, on Vltava River Cruise, the Jazz Boat

The highlight of my Day 5 was -the gruesome sight of Kutná Hora’s bone sanctuary that attracts visitors from all over the world. Just about an hour outside of Prague, is this gem of Bohemian history, home to much more than just piles of skulls and bones. It was the economic power-house of the Realm of Bohemia and played a vital role in the 15th century Hussite Wars.

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Day 4 – An evening in Prague, on Vltava River Cruise, the Jazz Boat


Now, today was an interesting one and my best day so far too! I will tell you why ?!

S had briefly mentioned that I have a surprise to encounter during this trip and I had poked and pinched  him a few times to give it away ‘cuz he is an easy bait to lure, but he has done really well this time, I must say.

He was a bit fishy dodgy this morning (I can say in a good way now) ,making a few calls and checking his phone more than usual. That’s not like him I thought. But I kept quiet (it was so hard!)

So we got dressed for another day of exploration that was to start with visiting the Jewish Quarters of Prague. He never really specifies on my dressing style and I have full freedom ,but this morning he wanted me wear the red dress! I thought, wow!

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Day 3-Praha Castle


Wow! shattered feet but the heart is beaming with joy! Day 3 was about Praha Castle, about kings and their coronations , about romanic ornamentation and gothic art, about baroque architecture and pride of Prague!

We had a well deserved long lie in, which was needed after Day 2 –touring the old town square (and losing a few pounds too both in weight and picket I think,read day 2 to know the pig drama !)

Today our destination was tallest and the oldest in Czech, the Prague Castle . 

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Day 2 – Prague Old Town Square


Please bear with me as this will be a long but I promise a post full of stories, because such is #Prague .

Carrying on as promised, the 7 day #czech # travel blogging challenge . We reached last night at #HotelDuo and when we saw the smiling Petr at the reception and when he kindly escorted us to the room, all our anxiousness and worries about ‘how the hotel is going to be ?!’ vanished. We had been upgraded to a superior room and was given the room as seen on their website , could not have been a better start .

Didn’t do much last night as had not much energy left after an overnight ferry and two flights. This morning, however was fresh and bright. The morning started with a lavish Czech breakfast , food much influenced by Germans I thought in their meat and sausages. Freshly squeezed orange juice was a bonus.

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Travel blogging Day 1 – Day of travels


Time : 6:30 Pm UK Time

Date: 31st July 2015

Blogging from –London airport , cafe Nero ,where this hand painted fascinated me ..Did you think it is chalk, I did too. But it’s white marker :p

 What I am doing just now ? So far ,sailed on an overnight boat and boarded a plane already but only got as far as London! Joys of island living. Still to board the last leg of the journey to  #Prague.

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7 day travel blogging from Czech


So far :

Day 1-Day of travels

Day2-Prague old town square

Day3 – Praha Castle

Day 4-An evening in Prague

Day 5– Kutná Hora in CzechRepublic, The bone church

Day 6 & 7- Still to come 

How it began?

Travelling excites me ,it-gives me a high!! I do fancy being a niche travel blogger, and get paid trips to everywhere in the world , to travel and write. But who would not fancy that! Living in a remote and rural location, (which by the way has it’s many positives) , it isn’t very practical to travel all the time. On the brighter side, I feel I am lucky to be married to a sailor who loves travelling as much as I do. He has been to every continent except Antartica for obvious reasons and he says he will take me to every continent he has been,although I would mind (yes I would) missing on Antartica, again for obvious reasons .Ha!

So here I am travelling again and turning this into a travel blogging opportunity for me . The plan is a 7 day challenge for myself, where I intend to blog every single day sharing my days worth with you ..

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Introducing – Life on MyIsland


Let me introduce #LifeonMyIsland to you. This replaces , read here why?

A wee bit of #rebranding, that’s all it is :)

At this point in time , I have a new #domain name that has a brand new #noticeboard look to it! Perfect for a blogger who needs notifications and thumbnail reminders. I do feel that this blog theme will not contain so much .. once my blog grows , but we will cross the bridge when it comes !

Life on MyIsland will soon be occupied with #travelblogging and #holidaythoughts so I needed something quick and quirky to start with. Although, I have to say- finding even this second best theme, wasn’t quick enough!

I will be honest , I did think I was quite comfortable techonology wise, computers, gadgets, socialmedia and blogging to a desirable level! Oh , I was so wrong.

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What is the big deal about Blog Name Change?


Finally , I am doing this.. Blog #reincarnation time , #doodlepoll time guys !

Click here to vote and read more for the full footage :)

This has been simmering and simmering! And after a lot of after thoughts, shower-thoughts, debating in my mind and outside, I have decided to change my blog name.

Like, how important can be a blog’s name and what’s the whole big deal about it all? Well, guess what… I have now learned it is as important as is your name!

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Next ‘You inspire Me’ story -#ThevoiceShetland


Next ‘You inspire Me‘ story …
Music is the rhythm to life and music scene is a big one in Shetland , so my next ‘You Inspire Me’ story is musically tuned.Hold on, because it is not just about a musician … it’s about a musical couple!!! Now isn’t that super, two in one inspiration :p
She looks like Emma Watson, well wait till you see her picture! Born and bred in the Shetland Isles, she is one of the lead vocalists in a band and music truly flows in her blood and she said to one of her interviews to BBC that she had phobia from any creature that doesn’t have a recognisable face, moths, bugs, crabs etc etc ! She has a touch of humor… She is the Voice UK Fame! 

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The Orange Diary

11193322_10205781278626716_4065597865891259992_n (1)

This last December, when I was visiting home and my family in India, I found ‘the orange diary’. Do you remember seeing or even owning those li’l secret diaries (some of you girls might do!) as youngsters, which used to have locks on them? I totally do!

So, this diary was lying about purposelessly in an old dusty almirah that needed some TLC and that’s why I was in it! It didn’t have a lock on it any more and didn’t think it needed one as no one really cared about that diary and it’s secretly written pages, I smirked at the teenage scribbling and then thought, it was only there ready to be trashed ?? !! or may be not??

11193322_10205781278626716_4065597865891259992_n (1)

I picked it up and started leafing through it. Read every page carefully, read a few words aloud, touched the faded crayon colors used in some of its pages, smiled at some of the fill in the blanks that it had cleverly written  in it (at-least that was the thought then) for the name of that guy ‘she’ had a crush on.

Oh, how simple was life, just pick up a diary, write anything you want and then lock it up and hide it where mum can’t reach! My naive-ness made me smile and ‘the orange diary’ became ‘my orange diary’ !

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Stampin’Up! in Shetland 


Most everyday treasures are – Unique , Simple and Creative. I had one of those treasured & relaxed days, last Saturday with ‘Stampin’ up! in Shetland experience’.


Crafting to me is a way of self expression and busting the stress. I think of myself as only medium creative but I am easy to inspire, and happy to share, hence the three words in the Stampin’up tag line resonates with me- Create, Inspire and Share!

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Show Your Summer 2015- Top 10 Round Up


Coming from India, it is only natural that summers was just another season for me ! In fact one that wasn’t liked very much .

Everything changed when an Indian made it to abroad and that abroad was here, in United Kingdom, where some sleep with checking the weather forecast to decide if they can put the clothes on line before work and some wake up to the sunrays on the eyelids and that just makes the mood of their (count me in that bunch) the day !

As if UK wasn’t enough of a climatic shock to my bodily systems , I then decided to follow S and be the good wife ! We moved to Shetland, most northerly point, 60 Degree North. Read here about Shetland, if you haven’t heard of this uniquely amazing place.


Do I need to say more why I love Summers to bits ?! So here I am showcasing Life on My Island’s Summer round up 2015.

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La Manga, Spain


Trailing this sleeve of Spain was like finding a hidden jewel. I am talking about how we discovered La Manga when on a road ride in Spain with our friends this summer.

La Manga Strip, often described as the ‘Paradise between two seas‘, separating the two seas of the Mar Manor, also Spanish for sleeve.

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Mummy Workouts – Review & Give Away


Hello and thanks for stopping by and I can tell you that visiting #LifeonMyIsland will treat you with a a Rafflecopter giveaway
.. so read further for some fitness fun ! The idea of exercising is always appealing to me, as long as I don’t actually have to do it! Okay, I am exaggerating a bit! Having said this, since the last few months I have been well pretty on my toes , trying to keep the fitness regime going .. For me it is really easy to let go but this time I was determined.

Fitness can mean different things to different people! To some it is appealing, to some it’s a style statement, to some it is about losing weight but to me it is just to feel happy and free inside & out.

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Blogging my way to Italy with Del Monte


This post is my style of blogging my way to Italy with Del Monte and also for reminiscing our Venetian holiday.

While in Venice last year, other than the gondolas,the elegant palazzois and the canals , what caught my eye and my taste buds was their cuisine. Yes , we have all had pasta, pizza and tiramisu but not like how it tastes in Italy ! I did feel lucky ..

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